The Blanking of a Blogger’s Mind

The Blanking of a Blogger’s Mind

Why is it that, as soon as I set up a new blog for the express purpose of being able to write about whatever I feel like writing about, my mind suddenly goes completely and utterly blank? Here I am with the writer’s equivalent of a blank canvas in front of me, no restrictions, so specific subject matter, just total freedom, and… nothing.

Personally, I’ve never really believed in the concept of writer’s block; sure, I might get stuck on a particular project, but I have not ever experienced anything like just not being able to think of a single thing to put down on paper. This post, the very first of this new blog, is a perfect example: when all else fails, write about the fact that you can’t think of anything to write about! (Hey, look, two paragraphs already!)

I did start this blog to write down all the random things that occur to me on any given day, things that don’t properly fit into either of my other two blogs (see my About page for details and links), and those things are generally quite numerous, so what’s my problem?

Okay, that leads me to a topic idea: does creativity really thrive only under restrictions? In all the various aspects of my work, I’ve generally found that to be true; the more “limitations” I have (client budget restrictions, deadlines, etc.), the more I enjoy the challenge of making it work. So perhaps my issue with this post is (dare I suggest it?) that I have too much freedom?

It’s an interesting question, one I will expand on a bit later on, but meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this thought: creativity is primarily about problem-solving, so even if your work is not what you’d call “creative”, how are you required to use creativity in the course of doing your job? I’d love to hear from all of you on this!


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