Home-Made Butter

Home-Made Butter

I’m going to try this– DIY herbed butter! And be sure to check out Chef Mimi’s blog!

the chef mimi blog

I was given a butter kit from Williams-Sonoma as a gift years ago, but I’ve resisted using it. Why? Because I thought I would lose the use of my right arm.

If you read the directions to make the butter, which uses purchased heavy cream, you must vigorously shake the enclosed container of cream for 35 minutes. And I can’t use my left hand for anything. If I tried to brush my teeth with my left hand I’d surely poke out my eye.

But yesterday I was determined to try out this butter project and risk injury. This is the label for the kit.


The kit includes the container plus all of this.


So I placed the room temperature cream, a whole pint of it, in the washed and dried plastic container.


And then I screwed on the lid and began shaking, with my right hand, reviewing the estimated times…

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