Specters of the Void

Specters of the Void

Take a peek at this brand-new fiction blog, beautifully written by my young niece!

Specters of the Void

Chapter 1

The wind whispered to the shadows as he passed over their heads. From far above, the moon cast down small beams, as if to see who could converse in such low tones as her hearing could not reach. But alas; it would seem that her eyesight was no better than her hearing, for she could see no more than pines shifting softly in the breeze. Disappointed, she returned to her watch of all things heavenly and earthly, as it is fitting for any moon who wishes to keep his or her reputation as a poetic and somewhat mysterious being. But, as you shall soon see, this moon had much more to do with the dark land of the pines then she ever could have imagined.

The first thing I noticed was that I was extremely cold. The second, that I was lying on my back, most definitely on a hard, positively…

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