Flake that Cake: A Quick Holiday Trick!

Flake that Cake: A Quick Holiday Trick!

I love snowglobes. I still intend to make my own during this year the holidays ┬ásometime soon. So when I was planning a special baked treat for a gift, what I really wanted was a cake that would somehow function like a snowglobe; I thought of this when I saw a flat round cake inside a large glass-domed cake stand. Alas, I had neither the time to experiment nor the baking expertise to pull this off, so I did the next best thing I could think of: I decorated my Bittersweet Chocolate Truffle Cake with a sugary snowflake. Here’s how I did it, using a piece of printer paper, scissors, flour sifter, confectioner’s sugar (about 1/8 cup), and of course, my cake:

1. Make a paper snowflake. (Of course, if you have a paper doily handy, you could use that instead.) For this purpose, I wanted my snowflake to be sturdy, so I just used a piece of regular printer paper, which I trimmed on the long side to give me a 8.5″ square. (I made my cake in a 8″ round pan, so this should be a good fit.) I folded the square into as many triangles as I could:

Folded paper for snowflake
Square of paper folded into triangles, ready to be cut into a snowflake.

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