Pure Poultry is Here!

Pure Poultry is Here!

Today’s the day! My twin sister Vicki’s book, Pure Poultry, published by New Society Publishers, is officially for sale! You can find it online at Amazon.com (in print and electronic forms) and Powells.com (print), and at bookstores, such as Elliott Bay Books and University Bookstore in the Seattle area.

Click here to see the Pure Poultry video preview, and read Vicki’s blog while you’re there!

Pure Poultry book cover
Pure Poultry, written by my sister Vicki! She took the cover photo, and all the photos inside the book as well. (Click on the photo to see this book on the publisher’s website.)

By the way, Vicki has been busy not only with book signings, but with giving presentations on raising heritage poultry at Mother Earth News Fairs in 3 states! So if you’re part of a poultry-raising/homesteading/off-grid living group, or handle in-store events at a bookstore, contact Vicki!

Newsflash: Pure Poultry Now Available for Pre-order!

Newsflash: Pure Poultry Now Available for Pre-order!

Big, BIG news: I just found out that my sister Vicki’s new book, Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys, and Ducks, is now available for pre-ordering!

Published by New Society Publishers, Pure Poultry is scheduled for release in early November 2013 (Vicki says there’s a possibility it may happen earlier). Click here to go directly to this fabulous book at Powells.com.

Pure Poultry by my sister Vicki!
Pure Poultry, written by my sister Vicki! She also took the cover photo, as well as photos in the book! (In addition to Powell’s here in Portland, it’s also available at Amazon, including a Kindle edition.)

I first told you about this book back in March, here, and also reported on Vicki’s presentation at the Mother Earth News Fair. And you can learn more about the book, Vicki herself, and her off-grid lifestyle with her husband David, in the mountains of Western Washington, on her blogs, Canyon Creek Farms and Pot Pies & Egg Money. You’ll love them!

Pure Poultry is on Facebook!

Book signings: If you own a bookstore, or know of one that would like to invite Vicki to come for a book-signing event, please comment below with your location, contact information, and when you would like her to visit.